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Buy Scentsy Fragrance Sprays online
Scentsy fragrance sprays

Price: $8.00

Buy Scentsy Scented Room Sprays

Scentsy Scented Room Sprays
Long-lasting Fragrance Sprays

When I got my first spray bottle of Scentsy Fragrance Sprays, I was a little skeptical because of the price tag. For months I had given my kids the standard $1 to $2 scented room spray from some department store to use in their room.

One day they ran out, so I decided to pull out a bottle of Scentsy Fragrance Sprays. I handed the bottle to my oldest daughter, who at the time was just five or six, and she proceeded to turn around while spraying the Scentsy Fragrance Sprays all the while. Anyone who has used department store scented room sprays know that you use almost half a bottle each time you have to spray it–or so it seems. Within seconds my olfactory senses were overwhelmed by the Scentsy Fragrance Sprays. It was way too much. In fact, we learned after one try that Scentsy Fragrance Sprays would last a long time since we didn't need to spray very much of the scented room spray to fill the room with the fragrance.

Get your Scentsy Fragrance Sprays today and see how it is stronger and lasts longer than department store scented room sprays.

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