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Wax Bars
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Room Sprays
Scent Circles
Scent Paks
Travel Tins


Essential and Natural Oils


Scentsy Buddies
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Counter Clean
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Scentsy Multi-Packs—View All Scentsy Multi-Packs

Scent Sampler Multi-pack

Scent Sampler $20.00

Six Scentsy Bars for the Price of Five

6 Scentsy Bars $25.00

Scentsy scent circle 6-pack

6 Scent Circles $15.00

Perfect Scentsy Full-Size System

Perfect Scentsy w/ two $45 warmers $105

Discount on Scentsy Travel Tins

Scentsy Travel Tin $25.00

Premium Scentsy Warmers—View Premium Warmer Collections

Chasing Fireflies scentsy warmerChasing Fireflies $35

Ahoy! Scentsy bouy warmer
Ahoy! $35
Bali Buddha Scentsy warmerBali $35 Jane Scentsy warmerJane Scentsy Warmer $35 Service-and-SacrificeService and Sacrifice $35


$30 Deluxe Scentsy Warmers—View All Deluxe Scentsy Warmers

etched_copper_warmerEtched Copper $30.00 Cool_warmerCool $30.00 Isabella_warmerIsabella $30.00 beacon Scentsy warmerBeacon Warmer $30.00 Red_Fox_warmerRed Fox $30.00

Night-Light Scentsy Warmers—View All Night-Light Warmers

Diamond_Milk_Glass_ Scentsy Night Light  Warmer

Diamond Milk Glass $20.00

Jane Scentsy Warmer

Jane $20.00

Rustic Star Scentsy Nightlight Warmer

Rustic Star $20.00

Scentsy Wrangler Night-Light Warmer

Believe $20.00

Whoot Scentsy Night-Light Warmer

Whoot $20.00

Scentsy Campus Collection Warmers—View All

Ohio State Football Helmet Warmer

Ohio State Football Helmet Warmer $55.00

OU Football Helmet Warmer

OU Football Helmet Warmer $55.00

Kansas University Scentsy Candle Warmer

Boise State Warmer

University of Texas Longhorns Scentsy Candle Warmer

Scentsy Warmer

North Carolina Scentsy Warmer

North Carolina
Scentsy Warmer


Scentsy Bars, Bricks, Sprays, Etc.View All

Scentsy Bars with more than 80 scents
Scentsy Bars (3.2oz) $6.00 each
layers Dryer disks

Dryer Disks $7.00 each

Counter_clean_french_lavendarScentsy Clean Counter Cleaner $10

Scentsy Portable Travel Scents

Scentsy Travel Tins $5.00 each

Scentsy Car Freshener

Scentsy Car Freshener $3.00 each

Scentsy Buddies—View All

Buddyfly_autism_buddyBernie the Buddyfly

Bumble_the_beeBumble the Bee

Carl_the_Chameleon_buddyCarl the Chameleon

Farah_the_flamingo_buddyFarah the Flamingo

Gage the Robot stuffed Scentsy BuddyGage the Robot

Replacement Parts

Replacement Scentsy Lightbulbs

Replacement bulb $2.00

Replacement Tops for Scentsy Warmers

Replacement tops
$8 to $10 each

Scentsy Plug-in Warmer replacement base

Nightlight replacement switch $8.00

night_light_base_for_glass_waqrmerNightlight warmer base for glass warmer Nightlight warmer baseNightlight warmer base for ceramic warmer

Closeout Warmers—View All

Gage the Robot stuffed Scentsy BuddyGage the Robot
$30 $15
Goal_Scentsy_soccer_warmerGoal! warmer
$35 $28
$40 $32
Yukon_Scentsy_WarmerYukon Warmer
$35 $28

hocus_pocus_caldron_warmer Hocus Pocus Caldron Warmer
$55 $44


Scentsy Holiday Warmers—View All

Bewitched Warmer

$35 $28

hocus_pocus_caldron_warmer Hocus Pocus Caldron Warmer
$55 $44

Calavera-sugar-skull-warmerCalavera Skull Warmer

DIY Calavera Skull Warmer


2015 Pumpkin Graveyard Scentsy WarmerPumpkin Graveyard
$40 $32


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